Who we are

Flic Flac Gymnastics Club offers gymnastics classes based on ability level led by professional coaches.

The club has created a fun and welcoming environment for children to learn gymnastics safely and effectively. Our gymnasts aim towards achieving Proficiency Awards accredited by British Gymnastics and we hold a exhibition event each year showcasing what the gymnasts have learned.

Parental Involvement and Flic Flac Committee

The club was established in 1980 and is run by volunteer parents and guardians. In order to continue it's success, it is expected that parents and guardians comply with our procedures and help in the running of the club. This would involve spending a term assisting in class administration or undertaking an annual administration activity. We are looking for new parents to join the committee, we rely on volunteers to keep the club running. If you can help please e-mail flic.flac@live.co.uk

The Flic Flac committee members are as follows: -

  • Alex Lednicky (Head Coach)

  • Lucy Phillips (Head Coach)

  • Vacant (Chairperson)

  • Dee McDougall-Bagnall (Memberships Secretary and Lead Covid Officer)

  • James Tynte-Irvine (Treasurer)

  • Irene McMenamin (Meetings Secretary) - outgoing

  • Lisa Jobling (Insurance Co-Ordinator) - outgoing

  • Murray Findlay (Safeguarding Officer)

  • Jonathan McDougall-Bagnall (Safeguarding Officer)